Smokador™ Contemporary Leather Collection

Born to grace the executive suite.

For the smart, sophisticated executive, the Smokador Contemporary Leather Collection of desk accessories combines modern lines with traditional materials, dressing your office in classic luxury with exquisite craftsmanship and careful detailing.

Smokador Finishes

There are 20 rich colors available in Vicenza and more than 100 vibrant colors available in Sabrina and Velluto Pelle. The below is only a representative sampling.

  • color Black (Vicenza)
  • color Costozza (Vicenza)
  • color Villa Dolfin (Vicenza)
  • color Valle Cavanatta (Vicenza)
  • color Brendola (Vicenza)
  • color Scamozzi (Vicenza)
  • color Valle Cavanatta (Vicenza)
  • color Ponte Furo (Vicenza)
  • color Appia Antica (Vicenza)
  • color Ca' Molina (Vicenza)
  • color Black (Sabrina)
  • color Coffee Bean (Sabrina)
  • color Thundercloud (Sabrina)
  • color Lahaina (Sabrina)
  • color Amalfi (Sabrina)
  • color Pansy (Sabrina)
  • color Carmen (Sabrina)
  • color Banff (Sabrina)
  • color White (Sabrina)
  • color Black (Velluto Pelle)
  • color Humpback Whale (Velluto Pelle)
  • color Elephant (Velluto Pelle)
  • color Gull (Velluto Pelle)
  • color DeltaWing (Velluto Pelle)
  • color Espresso (Velluto Pelle)
  • color Walrus (Velluto Pelle)
  • color Umbria (Velluto Pelle)
  • color Amber (Velluto Pelle)
  • color Buff (Velluto Pelle)

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