Remix® High Back Chair

Tuned to performSM

The performance you need – the upholstered comfort you love.


Inspired by the idea of bringing pre-existing elements together to make something entirely new, Remix pairs upholstered comfort with innovative Flex Net Matrix™ technology for active, all day support. Remix delivers unexpected performance in a familiar form. 


By combining traditional and innovative elements, Remix infuses movement into a traditionally static upholstered chair.


  • TANDEM BACK™ Comprised of intelligent layers of contrasting materials to provide movement and active support
  • FLEX NET MATRIX™ Molded to provide flexibility and resiliency and designed to provide firmer support in the lumbar and shoulder region
  • FLEXIBLE BACK FRAME Provides structure but is flexible to allow torsional movements
  • FULLY UPHOLSTERED PERIMETER Offers soft, uninterrupted comfort for movement throughout the day
  • THREE-POINT TILT LOCK Allows you to relax into the chair for a deep dwell
  • SYNCHRONIZED TILT TENSION CONTROL Provides a smooth, effortless recline and enables personalized fit  

Remix Finishes

  • color Orange
  • color Red
  • color Catalina
  • color Turquoise
  • color Parrot
  • color Green
  • color Cinder
  • color Stone
  • color Gray
  • color Slate
  • color Tobacco
  • color Charcoal
  • color Onyx
  • color Purple
  • color Pebble
  • color Storm
  • color Pebble
  • color Storm

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