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Considerations for Returning to Work
Design & Plan

Considerations for Returning to a Healthy Workplace

Knoll has an unwavering commitment to helping organizations with everything they need for their associates to come back to the workplace and feel safe, when the time is right.

The biggest changes that we suggest upon arrival have to do with safety, circulation, and density. Our suggestions and solutions fall into three groups: Away, Adapt and Add.

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Help Your Employees Get Back to Work Safely

Here are some tips to ease your employees back to the workplace Post-COVID-19 and give them confidence in their work environment.

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Considerations for Returning to a Healthy Campus

Considerations for Returning to a Healthy Campus

Knoll helps schools design spaces that reflect their learning and teaching objectives. We understand that every campus is different. Whatever your approach, our product solutions can help create a spaces that helps teachers, students and administrators feel safe and remain healthy.

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Product Maintenance, Care and Cleaning

KnollTextiles Maintenance, Care and Cleaning

Knoll Healthy Spaces Response Program
Program Spotlight

Healthy Spaces Response Program

Today, with the health and safety of our communities and frontline Covid-19 responders in mind, we’ve designed a Healthy Spaces Response Program to support caregivers and patients. Our variety of nursing stations and patient enclosures align with best practice safe social distancing measures. And these products feature premium, easy-to-clean materials that meet rigorous healthcare demands without sacrificing performance and most importantly—your safety.

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