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Open Plan Environments

Knoll offers an unmatched range of integrated choices to support both individual and group work in open plan environments.

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  • Activity Spaces

    These "go to" spaces are destinations areas in which groups and individuals can work in a non-assigned common space that supports technology, innovation and collaboration.  

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  • Private Office

    Everything needed for the private office, including KnollStudio furnishings, intelligent systems, quality casegoods, attractive storage, innovative seating and a variety of accessories.

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Conference and Meeting

Tables for groups small and large, chairs for any aesthetic and all-day comfort, and all the accessories you'll need to keep things running smoothly.

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  • Administrative Areas

    Our extensive portfolio of systems, ergonomic seating, storage, organizational tools and technology support comes together to realize highly attractive, highly efficient administrative areas.

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  • Reception and Lounge

    Ensure that your office gives the right first impression with elegant reception stations and classic lounge furniture.


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  • Training and Classroom

    Use task or multipurpose seating options in combination with linking and plannable tables and communications accessories to create fluid, flexible spaces for training and learning.

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  • Dining and Cafe

    Tables and chairs for cafeterias, five star restaurants and everything in between.



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