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Workplace Collections

Rockwell Unscripted blurs the boundary between work and play in the office without diminishing the amount of work being done. Instead, it injects a new vitality, creating holistic, open-to-interpretation workplaces that can enhance ingenuity and productivity.

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Open Plan Systems

For five decades, Knoll has advanced the evolution of open office planning with innovative systems furniture and workstations. Considering everything from technical performance to fine furniture design, from rapid reconfiguration to collaboration, Knoll offers a wide range of systems that can be tailored and combined to create dynamic, productive offices.

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Panel-Based Systems

Desk and Table-Based Systems

Storage-Based Systems


Technology Distribution

The modern office requires dynamic planning that allows for flexibility and reconfiguration without compromising access to power and technology. Knoll technology distribution products, in combination with freestanding furniture, deliver power and data to support the ever-changing variety of work styles and technologies in today's office.

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Private Office Systems

Knoll furniture systems combine performance features, clean lines and quality materials to deliver nimble private offices that support today's technology-rich, collaboration-focused workplace.

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Interior Architecture

Interior architecture products define and create space, offering varying levels of privacy and enclosure for individuals and teams, while allowing for circulation and connection within the open plan.

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