Knoll Designer Charles Pollock Remembered

The New York Times, Fast Company and Dezeen Celebrate Designer

August 27, 2013

Charles Pollock, designer of the iconic 1963 Pollock Executive Chair for Knoll, is remembered in an August 24, 2013 New York Times obituary as well as in online tributes by Fast Company and Dezeen.

Pollock's vision of ‘a simple line in space’ led him to design the Pollock Executive Chair.  This "sleek, functional chairs became a hallmark of executive suites in the latter 20th century,” notes Douglas Martin of The New York Times. “He worked on the executive chair for five years, making it over and over again, improving it each time.”

The chair has been in continuous production for more than fifty years and "has been exhibited around the world, including at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Louvre in Paris,” writes Dezeen.

The Pollock Executive Chair, with its recognizable aluminum rim outline, marries structure and design. The rim holds the entire chair together – even securing the upholstery and plastic shell, which becomes rigid only after being fitted into the rim – while also acting as a bumper.

Pollock noted: “It doesn’t rust, it doesn’t tarnish, it doesn’t fade. It keeps its visual appearance almost forever. In other words you have a visually pleasing color or texture or chrome finish articulated in a fashion that goes around the edge of the chair, which is beautiful and acts as a guard."

“Like the other early pioneers in ergonomic design,” writes Margaret Rhodes of FastCoDesign, “the Pollock Executive considers the human form and the need for comfort. It’s distinguished, however, by a luxuriousness and sophistication in style.”

Pollock Executive Chair