Introducing SUNO for Knoll Luxe

Explore Knoll Luxe's latest fabric collection with womenswear designer SUNO


The SUNO Collection consists of seven upholstery and two drapery textiles that have been translated from SUNO’s recent runway collections: Arber, Besos, Diamond Days, Matondoni, Millicent, Olema, Piper, Rosemond, and Rutledge.

Knoll Luxe Designers SUNO

Max Osterweis first conceived of womenswear label SUNO in 2008 after witnessing post-election violence in Kenya. Drawing from the vast collection of Kenyan Kangas (garments) he had gathered over years of traveling, Max joined forces with Erin Beatty, a Parson’s graduate and designer for The Gap and Generra, to launch a high-end collection with a conscience.

Since its inception, SUNO has evolved to include production in Kenya, India, Peru and its home base of New York. SUNO utilizes the local talent of each country it works with to create a fresh and optimistic collection of unique prints, textures and embroideries layered together to build a bright and modern wardrobe for a confident independent woman.

“Max and Erin have a unique and powerful understanding of pattern and color. They use global influences in very fresh and modern ways,” said Knoll Luxe Creative Director Dorothy Cosonas




SUNO created these inspiration boards to generate a mood for the Knoll Luxe May 2013 Collection 

SUNO Inspiration Board
SUNO Inspiration Board 

The patterns are based on designs from five runway collections from 2010-2013. Inspiration for each pattern draws from global sources, from Indian embroidery, to vintage Japanese origami paper, to the Africa Kanga.

SUNO Runway Collection

SUNO Runway 2012 Inspiration and Arber Upholstery

SUNO Runway Collection

SUNO Runway 2010 Inspiration and Matondoni Upholstery

SUNO Runway Collection

SUNO Runway 2011 Inspiration and Piper Upholstery


SUNO for Knoll Luxe

SUNO Knoll Luxe Arber upholstered headboard by Savoir Beds with Piper and Rutledge upholstery throws

SUNO Knoll Luxe
Matondoni bench with Diamond Days, Arber, Piper and Rosemond upholstered pillows

SUNO Knoll Luxe

Diamond Days upholstered Saarinen Executive Side Chairs with Saarinen Dining Table

Diamond Days