Beyond the Assignment, a Knoll Sponsored Exhibit, Opens at the Woodbury University Hollywood Gallery

October 17, 2013

Beyond the Assignment , a Knoll-sponsored exhibit that examines the work of ten of today’s leading architectural photographers, is now open at the Woodbury University Hollywood (WUHO) Gallery in Los Angeles, California. The exhibit is presented by the Julius Shulman Institute, which promotes understanding and appreciation of photography of the built environment and was established by architectural photographer Julius Shulman in 2005.

The exhibition includes the work of ten photographers, Peter Aaron, Bilyana Dimitrova, Joe Fletcher, Timothy Hursley, Alan Karchmer, Jon Miller, Tim Street-Porter, Undine Pröhl, Paul Warchol and Lara Swimmer.

The exhibit celebrates architectural photographers who as a unit are “responsible for creating lasting visual experiences that have become part of our collective consciousness,” and who individually often remain anonymous or are recognized only at the end of their careers.

"Beyond the Assignment takes a long-overdue look at the way architectural photographers use visual storytelling, technical precision and a unique sensibility to document the built environment. In so doing, these photographers move ‘beyond the assignment’ and help immortalize our most significant architecture and design.”

The exhibition will be on display through November 1, 2013 at the WUHO Gallery located at 6518 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California. Gallery hours are Thursday and Friday from 1pm – 8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1pm – 6pm.