Gadget Review Celebrates the Sapper XYZ Monitor Arm

May 18, 2013

Gadget Review, the lifestyle blog founded in 2002, celebrates the Sapper XYZ Monitor Arm in a May 17, 2013 review and calls it a “strong apparatus that manages a lightweight design with mostly recycled materials [and that] works as advertised to keep your work area clean.” Gadget Review offers product evaluations on cell phones, computer accessories, DVD and digital cameras, handhelds, home theater and portable audio devices.

Gadget Review writer Shawn Sanders notes: "It’s a simple installation that works like a charm for number of different tables desks, [even those] against walls and other surfaces.”

“Working with the Knoll Sapper XYZ Monitor Arm is very refreshing," he continues, noting that the arm is constructed of 95% recycled content.

In addition to lifting the monitor off the work area to “create more usable surface area” it is designed to pivot 180 degrees, move up and down 165 degrees or rotate a “full 360 degrees to put your monitor in portrait or landscape.”

The Sapper XYZ Monitor arm is available in a variety of finishes and includes a range of “mounting options including grommet mount, mounts for fixed tables, workspaces positioned against walls and Antenna® Workspaces Big Table center beam mounts.”

Sander concludes, “The Knoll Sapper Monitor Arm is a fantastic product where the functionality easily lends itself to personal, business or service worker utilization. Installation takes mere minutes and is very simple.