Iowa Foundation for Medical Care

For more than 30 years, Iowa Foundation for Medical Care (IFMC) has been dedicated to healthcare quality improvement and medical information management. Today, IFMC is an innovative industry leader, improving the quality, service and cost of healthcare through care management, quality management and information management services.

When IFMC moved to their new location in West Des Moines, they sought workstations that would offer both a clean aesthetic and design flexibility. Thus, IFMC selected Dividends Horizon® for the open plan because of its pragmatic planning and flexible panel options.

Dividends Horizons® workstations feature open base panels with frosted glass screens. Chadwick® chairs, which are used throughout the open office, are rated Sustainable Gold under the SMaRT© Consensus Sustainable Product Standard and offer superior comfort and support for IFMC employees.

An executive reception area features Reff Profiles® workstation and storage, Life® seating, Series 2 overhead and Ricchio side chairs. For its training area IFMC chose Essentials Work Chairs™ and Propeller® tables. A conference room features a laminate Propeller® conference table and Chadwick® seating.


Dividends Horizon®
Reff Profiles™
Series 2
CHIP Chair
Propeller® Training Tables