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Knoll Associates Connect to Communities

Associates in North Carolina assist with hurricane relief; while associates in Arizona engage in Tucson Modernism Week

Knoll associates continue to connect with their local communities through outreach, service and event sponsorship.

Associates in North Carolina helped those affected by Hurricane Florence, volunteering in Wilmington, NC with Operation BBQ Relief– a nonprofit that provides meals to displaced residents and emergency personnel during the recovery periods of natural disasters. Associates helped prepare and provide lunches – up to 33,000 were made – as part of their efforts.

Knoll Associates Community Engagement

Knoll associates Cindy Suarez and LeighAnn Espinosa volunteer with Operation BBQ Relief staff in Wilmington, NC.

Associates also donated household and childcare supplies in partnership with YWCA Wilmington – the oldest and largest women’s movement in the United States – to those affected by Hurricane Florence. Together, Knoll associates distributed the donated supplies to over thirty families in Wilmington.

Knoll Associates Community Engagement

Volunteers at Operation BBQ Relief in Wilmington, NC.

In Tucson, Arizona, KnollStudio Director of Sales Jennifer Roth delivered an address titled "The History of Knoll." Roth’s address is part of Knoll’s ongoing involvement in Tucson Modernism Week, an annual celebration of Tucson’s Mid-century architecture and design. Roth spoke of Knoll’s rich heritage – from the Bauhaus to the present – as well as its enduring influence in and commitment to the world of Modern design.