Knoll Designers Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger Profiled in Scene Magazine

Knoll Shop New York Debuts Antenna Design Furnishings

November 5, 2013

To celebrate the debut of Antenna Design's products at the Knoll Shop New York, Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger, designers of  Antenna® Workspaces for Knoll as well as a range of other workplace furnishings, are profiled in the November 2013 Design Issue of Scene magazine.

When Knoll approached Udagawa and Moeslinger to create a furniture system to support open plan and private office environments, the couple looked at their Florence Knoll table for inspiration.

“Why can’t office furniture be like this – elegant, pure, with a feeling of lightness?” Udagawa and Moeslinger asked. “Something we would want for ourselves as well?”

Antenna® Workspaces, introduced in 2011, incorporates all of these attributes plus “sleek, sturdy legs and storage space not necessarily for papers, but for people’s personal belongings,” notes Udagawa.

The system reflects the way people work today. "Since people can take their laptop from one desk to another, the workspace should be flexible, and with all the moving around in the office, the desks should be able to support various job functions,” Moeslinger said.

Sparrow™, a new LED desk light designed for the home or office, is also featured in the piece, as are the versatile Toboggan™ chair and Scribe™ Mobile Markerboards, designed to support collaboration at work.


Antenna Workspaces®
Scribe® Mobile Markerboard
Toboggan® Chair Desk