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Knoll in Architectural Record

Knoll appears in Architectural Record's May profile of McCann New York, the advertising agency's renovated headquarters. Designed by Gensler, the 107,500 square-foot Midtown office spans five floors with two more to come, and includes double-height atriums, open workspaces and a range of private to semi-private areas that support a variety of activities. 

The new design responds to the agency's combined desires to attract young creatives, project a sleek brand, and foster a flexible, spontaneous creative environment, according to the Architectural Record. Toward the latter goal, as the article describes, Gensler replaced private perimeter and corner offices with diverse seating arrangements and partitionless open workstations.

In the open workstations, Knoll's Antenna® Workspaces provide flexible configurations that accomodate both individual tasks and easy collaboration. The system integrates power sources for computers and other devices and has a visually light appearance. The team selected Generation by Knoll® for task seating.

The Architectural Record reports that Gensler's ambitious redesign has resulted in an improved business record and a more collaborative, spontaneous creative environment, with sweeping views for all.

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