Les Schwab Open Offices

 Founded in 1952, Les Schwab Tire Centers is one of the leading independent tire dealers in the United States. With more than 7,000 employees and 400 store locations throughout the Western United States, Les Scwhab is recognized for its outstanding customer service.

When Les Schwab used GBD Architects to design its new state of the art building in Bend, Oregon, the design firm worked with Knoll dealer, Corporate Environments, to find workstations with low-horizons that would maximize natural light and aerial views. Dividends Horizon® was selected for the open office plan due to its clean aesthetic and open feel.

Dividends Horizon® also advances the evolution of Dividends with new aesthetic and functional refinements, including Open Weave Fabric Screens, Thin Window Frames, Open Base Panels, Open Leg Worksurface Support, Table Desks and Credenzas.

Life® seating is rated SustainableGold under the SMaRT© Consensus Sustainable Product Standard. Providing ample room for hanging files and personal items, Calibre® storage maximizes and defines the individual workspace. Designed with low, mesh panels and glass screens, Dividends Horizon® offers pragmatic planning while supporting a collaborative environment.


Dividends Horizon®