The New York Times Highlights Knoll Introductions for NeoCon 2012

Antenna® Workspaces, Toboggan™ Chair and Sapper XYZ™ Monitor Arm Featured

June 14, 2012

The Toboggan™ Chair and Sapper XYZ™ Monitor Arm, two new Knoll products introduced at NeoCon this month, are featured alongside Antenna® Workspaces Desk in a June 14, 2012 article in The New York Times.

The article, "Slip Into Something More Comfortable," highlights the demand for both comfortable and functional workplace furnishings. "Office future is now expected to promote emotional satisfaction," notes The New York Times, Julie Lasky.

The Toboggan™ Chair, designed by Antenna Design for Knoll, is "anything but institutional."

Lasky writes, "[Toboggan] is a whimsical chair with a curved backrest when you sit on it one way; turn around, and the backrest functions as a small desk that can support a tablet computer."

Commenting on the chair, designer Masamichi Udagawa said, "[Toboggan] reflects an effort to move away from monochromatic office schemes, but in a way that would allow the pieces to blend with natural materials."

The new Sapper XYZ™ Monitor Arm, which The New York Times praises as "armed and flexible," is designed to "adjust with the touch of a finger."

Antenna® Workspaces Desk, which "is well-sized for the home office" is also featured in the piece. In 2010, Antenna® Workspaces received the coveted Best of NeoCon Innovation award.