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1966 Covers

Richard Schultz 1966

Richard Schultz designed the 1966 Collection at the request of Florence Knoll, who wanted well-designed outdoor furniture that would withstand the corrosive salt air at her home in Florida. The Collection was the first truly modern outdoor collection and has been the category standard ever since.


The 1966 Collection is a part of the Permanent Collection at the Museum of Modern Art and has been re-engineered to incorporate the best modern materials, including Teflon thread, powder coat paint and stainless steel. Bright new powder coat finishes are now available. Fresh looks on a classic collection.


Construction and Details
  • Optional fitted outdoor cover available


Downloads for 1966 Covers

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General Info

  • color White
  • color Light Bronze
  • color Weatherable Silver
  • color Onyx
  • color Warm Wood
  • color Chestnut
  • color Dark Bronze
  • color Green
  • color Blue
  • color Sky Blue
  • color Lime Green
  • color Yellow
  • color Orange
  • color Plum
  • color White Mesh
  • color Grey Tone Mesh
  • color Aluminum
  • color Bronze Mesh
  • color Chestnut Mesh
  • color Onyx Mesh
  • color White Strap
  • color Grey Strap
  • color Onyx Strap
  • color Sand Strap
  • color Bronze Strap
  • color Brown Strap