Pop Up™ Easy Screens

Fast, temporary screens when and where you need them

When an additional layer of privacy is needed in the workplace, Pop Up Easy Screens provide immediate temporary enclosure at both sides and the back of a desktop or work area. The U-Surround and Side Screen are sized to fit most worksurfaces but can be used anywhere you need to divide space. Once you’ve chosen a location, simply place your screens and installation is complete without any tools or hassle.


Designed with versatility in mind, the telescoping U-surround can compress and expand to fit a range of worksurface widths. With non-handed corners, you can easily change the depth of the screen from 23 to 29”. The triangular design is available in corrugated cardboard or plastic and can stand on its own or attach to a surface with supplied Velcro for extra security.

Side Screens

Perfect for creating intermediate division in a benching application or even on a communal table, the Pop Up Easy Side Screens offer a clean design in a variety of depths. Side Screens are available in corrugated cardboard or plastic and can stand on their own or attach to a surface with supplied Velcro.

Additional Info

Easy to Order & Install
  • U-Surrounds ship in sets of 8 complete screens (including two corners and one back panel per screen)
  • Side Screens ship in sets of 10 complete screens
Sustainable Design
  • All Pop Up Easy Screens can be recycled once Velcro has been removed
  • Cardboard screens can be wiped down with a clean, dry cloth
  • Plastic Screens can be wiped down with a clean, dry or damp cloth. The entire screen can be cleaned with the following approved cleaning agents:
    •  Clorox Germicidal Liquid Bleach diluted 1:5 ratio to tap water (pH 3.7)
    • Clorox Cleanup undiluted 100% solution (pH 9.7)
    • Wex-Cide 128 Concentrate Phenolic Germicide by Wexford Labs diluted 1 ounce to 1 gallon tap water (pH 3.7)
    •  Formula 880 Quaternary Germicide by Grand Technologies diluted ½ ounce to 1 gallon tap water (pH 8.1)
    • Hydroxi Pro Concentrate 128 by Core Products diluted 1:8 ratio to tap water (pH 7.2)


  • color Brown
  • color Red Orange
  • color Clear
  • color Red


Antenna Design was founded in 1997 by Masamichi Udagawa, a Cranbrook Academy graduate, and Sigi Moeslinger, who holds degrees from NYU and Art Center College of Design. Antenna's people-centered design approach aims to make the experience of objects and environments more meaningful and exciting. Among Antenna’s best known projects are the design of New York City Subway cars and ticket vending machines, JetBlue check-in kiosks and displays for Bloomberg.

When Knoll set out to create a new open plan office system, Antenna’s experience with the ever-expanding presence of technology, and their expertise in user experience made them an attractive collaborative partner. Together Knoll and Antenna conceived Antenna Workspaces, an innovative open plan system, which reflects Udagawa and Moeslinger’s interest in functional simplicity and their expertise in using design as a tool of social interaction that bridges people and technology.

Antenna has been recognized with several prestigious design awards, including the National Design Award in Product Design from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Both Udagawa and Moeslinger are senior critics in graphic design at the Yale University School of Art.