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Romeo + Juliet Keyboard Platform

Simple. Functional. Ergonomic.

Romeo and Juliet is an all-in-one keyboard support that meets a broad range of workplace needs. With a unique construction that features a metal underside, durable structural over-mold, integral wrist rest and swivel mouse platform, Romeo and Juliet is comfortable, flexible and built to last.


The ergonomic keyboard platform can be paired with four different arm mechanisms for varying workspace configurations.


  • Soft-textured plastic overcoat with lip to prevent mouse from sliding off during adjustment
  • Swiveling mouse pad can be mounted on left or right
  • Thin profile for ample leg room
  • Available with four arm mechanisms mounted on tracks ranging from 16 - 25" (see below)
Materials and Finishes
  • Rigid plastic platform with steel stiffener plate for stable keying surface
  • Black, textured finish


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