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Living Room

Comfortable conversation or quiet contemplation? Find furniture to make a room that’s the epicenter of your home.

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  • Dining Room

    Good food, great company, and outstanding design—the ingredients of a memorable dinner party. Discover seating and tables to make every meal an event.

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  • Kitchen

    Almost more than any other room, a kitchen demands that form and function be balanced. View Bertoia stools and other kitchen classics.

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  • Bedroom

    Design, beauty, comfort and elegance—furniture to make your bedroom an oasis of calm and tranquility.

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  • Outdoor

    Poolside to terrace, garden to piazza, Schultz to Bertoia—explore durable modern furniture designed for al fresco living.

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    Home Office

    For those with the shortest of commutes, functional furniture designed for work without the daily grind.

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  • Kids

    No reason for the little ones to be denied the pleasure of good design. Harmony, sophistication and fun, in little portions.

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