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Understanding Bleach Cleanable & Antimicrobial Fabrics

As we prepare to return to the workplace, and begin visiting restaurants and traveling once again, more than ever, safety and health are top-of-mind. There has been much discussion around the topics of bleach cleanable and antimicrobial fabrics, and KnollTextiles is prepared to help you navigate these areas—with both our wide selection of fabric offerings and the information found below.

We believe that the best defense against diseases/viruses as it pertains to our products is a rigorous cleaning protocol that is in line with the CDC guidelines for disinfection.


KnollTextiles Bleach Cleanable Fabrics

Bleach Cleanable Fabrics

There are many ways to clean a fabric, but to combat microorganisms and viruses, disinfecting a surface with a bleach solution is recommended. A fabric that is bleach cleanable can be wiped down with KnollTextiles’ recommended combination of household bleach and water, without weakening the fabric’s fibers or altering the fabric’s texture or color.

Cleaning vs Sanitizing vs Disinfecting

Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing are often used synonymously, but they are not the same thing. Cleaning removes the visible foreign matter from a surface. Disinfecting, when done according to the instructions of a suitable cleaner, kills all bacteria and viruses present, while sanitizing reduces the level of bacteria and viruses present. Bleach cleanable woven fabrics may be sanitized and bleach cleanable coated fabrics may be disinfected. KnollTextiles’ recommended bleach:water cleaning ratios (1:4 or 1:10) fall within the CDC guidelines for successfully killing coronaviruses.


You can always identify a bleach cleanable fabric by the cleaning code on the ticket or by referring to our Resource Documents below or using the Advanced Search.

W-Bleach: Water-based or foam cleaning agents or diluted household bleach may be used.
W-S Bleach: Clean with water or solvent-based cleaning.


KnollTextiles offers bleach cleanable products for all end uses including woven and coated upholstery products.

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KnollTextiles Antimicrobial Fabrics

Antimicrobial Fabrics

A fabric that is antimicrobial can kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungus. This feature protects the fabric from the growth of certain microorganisms that would deteriorate its appearance or performance; it is not intended to protect humans from the spread of infectious diseases.

KnollTextiles Antimicrobial Fabrics

KnollTextiles stocks both inherently antimicrobial fabric and fabric treated with an antimicrobial finish. We also offer many products that are approved to receive an aftermarket antimicrobial finish—ranging from silver ion technology to a more environmentally responsible option, containing Bac-Shield, which is derived from crab shells, among others. Another consideration is to specify textiles made from wool. Woolen fibers have inherent antimicrobial properties that make its surface less attractive for bacteria, mold and mildew. Other materials that are less prone to microbial growth on their surface are polyester and polypropylene.

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There is hopeful research with evidence that suggests COVID-19 does not survive as well on soft surfaces (such as fabric) as it does on frequently touched hard surfaces. As that research continues, we are testing our coated fabrics with a selection of EPA-approved disinfectants.


Bleach Cleanable & Antimicrobial Resources