Antenna Workspaces Storage Inspiration

Antenna Workspaces

Planning with Antenna Storage

8408 M Craft

Big Table Storage

  • Antenna Big Table
  • Antenna Storage Stanchion Mounted
  • Generation by Knoll Seating
8421 M Craft

Desks with Storage Towers

  • Antenna Desk
  • Antenna Suspended Laptop Drawer
  • Antenna Desk End Cabinet
  • Sapper Monitor Arm
10555 M Craft

Interpole Storage and Screens

  • Interpole Open Storage Detail
8434 M Craft

Desk-Mounted Storage

  • Antenna Desk
  • Antenna Extension Cabinet
  • Generation by Knoll Seating
Aw Storage Astorage 8418 Craft

Suspended Storage

  • Antenna Desk
  • Antenna Suspended Storage