Antenna Workspaces Y-Base Tables Inspiration

Antenna Workspaces

Planning with Antenna Y-Base Tables

Aw Tables Ybase 10551 Craft

Open Team Meeting Space

  • Antenna Workspaces Y-Base Table
  • Interpole with Screens and Storage
  • MultiGeneration by Knoll Seating
Aw Tables Ybase 14289 Craft

Casual Touchdown Space

  • Antenna Y-Base Table
  • k. lounge
  • k. lounge Stool
Aw Tables Ybase 12875 Craft

Casual Café

  • Antenna Horsepower
  • Antenna Y-Base Table
  • Bertoia Barstools
  • Olivares Aluminum Seating

Aw Tables Ybase 12881 Craft

Spine-Based Four Pack

  • Antenna Horsepower with Suspended Storage
  • Antenna Desk
  • Antenna Desk Screen
  • Antenna Y-Base Table
  • Interpole with Screens
  • Remix Side Seating
  • Sapper Monitor Arm
Aw Tables Ybase 9836 M

Interpole Media Enclave

  • Antenna Y-Base Table
  • Interpole with Sapper Mount
  • MultiGeneration by Knoll Seating
  • KnollExtra Power Disc