Planning with Creative Wall

Planning with Rockwell Unscripted
Creative Wall

Designed by David Rockwell

Bring people together to connect, commune and think creatively. With Rockwell Unscripted Creative Wall, you can plan distinct areas that define spaces within a space. Inherently scalable, the freestanding collection of walls and frames allows you to drop in one wall or plan a series of fluid zones. As needs evolve, transform your Creative Wall space with new furniture and materials to provide a fresh sense of play and purpose.

Creative Wall Detail 1

Walls: Delineate and Collaborate

Delineate the open plan and maximize performance by dropping in a freestanding wall with a white board or TV monitor for easy collaboration.

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Frames: Define and Get Together

Punctuate open space by framing specific areas with columns and crossbeams to build unique social and collaborative experiences.

Enclosures: Surround and Get Away

Incorporate accessible privacy that complements the existing floorplan. Enclosures can be planned as individual spaces or as a series of fluid zones. Customizable panels offer varying degrees of visual and acoustic privacy, dampening noise and minimizing distractions.

Creative Wall Dukta Detail