A Holistic Workplace Experience

The Thriving Workplace: A Holistic Workplace Experience

The Thriving Workplace supports the whole person—the personal, the communal, the mental and the physical. Four people-centric characteristics embody that holistic experience and are expressed in the Thriving Workplace environment.

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Environments that have a sense of belonging, providing opportunities for people to facilitate conversation, join together to solve problems, share content, be social and enjoy the benefits of learning from one another.

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Thoughtful settings that feed and restore people, away from hectic noise, with access to fresh air, near natural light, surrounded by nature and with products that ergonomically support their work.

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Planning optimized to support a broad range of diversity and inclusion, creating a more respectful place built on empathy and fairness across a breadth of physical and virtual engagements.

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Settings that offer ample space for individuals and teams to move freely through different interactions and activities over the course of time, and with furnishings that respond and adapt.