Essentials: Inviting Ideation

Knoll Essentials 2019

Inviting Ideation

Knoll Essentials: Inviting Ideation
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Cultivate creativity with 
thoughtfully planned spaces
that have fluid boundaries.

Product Spotlight

Rockwell Unscripted Easy Stools

Rockwell Unscripted Easy Stools are sturdy, simple seats you can pick up and move with the capsule-shaped handhold in the seat.

Available at Essentials 3-week and Essentials QuickShip lead times.

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Ii Rwell Stools

Above: Touchdown space with Rockwell Unscripted Steps, Antenna Workspaces Y-Base Tables and Piton Stool.

Opposite: Antenna Workspaces Y-Base Table, k. lounge and Rockwell Unscripted Upholstered Seat; detail of k. lounge power.

Ii Piton

Product Spotlight

Piton Stool

Piton updates the silhouette of the classic tripod stool with a more geometric and elementary framework.

Available at Essentials 3-week lead times.

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Nearby interactive spaces encourage free-flowing ideas

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Above: Rockwell Unscripted High Back Lounge Chair and Occasional Table.

Opposite: Detail of Antenna Big Table; detail of MultiGeneration by Knoll.

Product Spotlight

Remix Side Chair

The Remix Side Chair offers you the responsiveness for various work modes while satisfying a traditional aesthetic.

Available at Essentials 3-week and Essentials QuickShip lead times.

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Ii Remix