Essentials: Refined Focus

Knoll Essentials 2019

Refined Focus

Knoll Essentials: Refined Focus
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Thick Line Half

Allow people to focus without feeling isolated with thoughtful, well-planned spaces for individual work.


Above: Anchor storage, Dividends Horizon Y-Base Table, Remix High Back Chair and Saarinen Executive Armless Chair.

Opposite: Detail of Remix work chair and KnollTextiles Zenith panel fabric.

Product Spotlight

Remix High Back Chair

Combining traditional and innovative elements, Remix infuses movement into the traditionally static upholstered chair.

Available at Essentials 3-week and Essentials QuickShip lead times.

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Above: Anchor storage, Dividends Horizon panels, Remix work chair, Piton stool, Sparrow LED light and Smokador desktop accessories.

Opposite: Reff Profiles 4x4 Meeting Table, Gigi Barstool, Anchor storage, Krefeld Settee and Krusin Lounge Chair.

Thick Line Half

Sophisticated, architectural furniture for comfort and concentration