Welcoming Community

Knoll Essentials: Welcoming Community
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Create an inviting ambiance that encourages connection and interaction important for group-based work.

Knoll Sf 6169 Saarinen Re

Above: Private office with Antenna Workspaces Table Desk, Generation by Knoll and Saarinen Executive Armless Chair.

Opposite: Architecture and Associes Lounge Chair with Rockwell Unscripted Modular Lounge, Ottoman and Storage Cart; detail of Rustic Walnut veneer.

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Familiar comforts for creativity and collaboration

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Product Spotlight

Saarinen Executive Chair

Nearly 70 years since its introduction, the Saarinen Executive Chair remains one of our most popular designs. The plastic back - now available with wood legs - offers a lighter, more flexible design for a variety of spaces. 

Available at standard lead times.

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Above: Antenna Telescope height-adjustable table, Fence spine, Anchor storage, ReGeneration by Knoll chair, Sparrow LED light, Sapper XYZ monitor arm. 

Opposite: Details of Anchor storage and Pippy Oak veneer. 

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary

Generation by Knoll

Generation offers comfort and unrestrained movement, supporting the range of postures and workstyles typical of today’s workplace. 

Available at Essentials 3-week and Essentials QuickShip lead times.

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Welcoming Community


  • Wc Re Generation

    ReGeneration by Knoll

  • Wc Durso Swivel

    D'Urso Swivel Chair

  • Wc Pop Up1

    PopUp Desktop Screen

  • Wc Anchorcredenza

    Anchor Mobile Credenza

  • Wc Antenna

    Antenna Simple Tables

  • Wc Risom Side

    Risom Side Chair

  • Wc Library Table

    Rockwell Unscripted Library Table

  • Wc Straight Chair

    Nakashima Straight Chair

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