Knoll Essentials: Balanced Performance

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Knoll Essentials: Balanced Performance
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Enhance user experience with agile work settings.

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Rockwell Unscripted modular lounge, Steps, tall table, easy stool and occasional table.

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Rockwell Unscripted Steps 

Rockwell Unscripted Steps are building blocks that bring an improvisational, communal experience to spaces.

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Above: Rockwell Unscripted tall table, easy stool, modular storage and modular lounge.

Opposite: Detail of Rockwell Unscripted tall table; detail of Rockwell Unscripted Cerulean upholstery.

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Considered design and universal flexibility for thriving teams

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Opposite: Detail of Generation by Knoll; detail of KnollTextiles Bollywood Panel fabric.

Above: k.™ bench height-adjustable bench; Anchor storage; Generation by Knoll chair; Sapper XYZ monitor arm; Sparrow LED light.