World Monuments Fund/
Knoll Modernism Prize

Less than a century after their construction, Modernist masterpieces— critical documents in the history of architecture — are being routinely demolished, disfigured or abandoned. As part of Knoll’s effort to contribute to the communities where we do business, we are the founding sponsor of the World Monuments Fund (WMF) Modernism at Risk program. WMF is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the world’s architectural heritage.

Modernism at Risk includes programs dedicated to preservation and public advocacy, with the intention of attracting international resources to the dangers faced by Modernist buildings across the globe.

A cornerstone of Modernism at Risk is the World Monuments Fund/Knoll Modernism Prize, which is awarded biennially to a designer or design firm whose work enhances the public’s awareness of the seminal role that Modernism plays in the built environment. 

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Eight prizes have been awarded thus far: