Welcome to the Knoll Interactive Timeline!

The Knoll Interactive timeline is a rich web experience that visualizes Knoll's rich and deep history. The content in the timeline is split into three categories: People, Objects, and Events. These different types of content can be explored through three different views.

Timeline: The timeline follows a typical format. Spanning over a century, explore Knoll's robust history in Chronological Order

Connections: The connections view builds a network diagram out of the entirety of Knoll's history. Discover how history was made by exploring the relationships between People, Objects, and Events.

Index: The index presents a standard grid that allows you to quickly build lists and examine Knoll's history in a non-linear fashion

Controls: The Interactive Timeline has a powerful set of controls that allows you to fiter and sort the contents of the view you are in.

The Knoll Interactive Timeline is optimized for modern browser experiences. If viewing on mobile, please update to the latest operating system.
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