Legacy Community Health Project Overview

Sector: Healthcare
Location: Houston, TX
Year Completed: 2017


  • 16,900 sq. ft.
  • 1 Cafeteria
  • Main Reception Lobby
  • 2 Waiting Areas


  • Support and promote Legacy's healthcare mission and brand
  • Create an inviting, colorful space that reflects the vibrance and positivity of the exterior mural
  • Incorporate highly durable and easy to clean furniture for high-use areas


  • Worked with KnollTextiles to select durable and low maintenance vinyls and textiles
  • Specified a range of colorful k. lounge variations in addition to easily movable Maya Lin stones, further enhancing the reception area's color palette
  • Provided a multitude of seating options with MultiGeneration by Knoll® in order to prevent patients from standing while waiting


  • An inviting and colorful reception and waiting area that also acts as a flexible community space
  • A reinvigorated space for the community, providing easier access to medical care
  • An easy to maintain space that will last and continue to attract community members


  • Architect: Kirksey Architects
  • Interior Designer: Joel Kalmin, Director of Facility Design
  • Knoll Dealer: Debner+Company


Task & Side Seating

Lounge Seating