Lowe Campbell Ewald Project Overview

Sector: Advertising and Marketing
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Year Completed: 2014


  • 122,000 sq. ft.
  • 614 Benching workstations
  • 39 Director Workstations
  • 100 Conference and Collaborative Spaces
  • Five-story Atrium with Large Gathering Space


  • Collaborative, flexible "office-scape" to encourage idea generation and exchange
  • Sustainable design


  • Open workspace interspersed with meeting areas
  • Combination of benching workstation with custom-laminated frosted glass writing board for idea-sharing
  • Open shelving, lateral filing, and personal storage accommodate team and personal needs
  • Sustainable solutions mix repurposed materials and high-tech social features


  • Increased employee satisfaction by providing an exciting space in Downtown Detroit
  • Improved collaboration and team-based work
  • Created a unique space of interest to other Detroit companies
  • Brought greater awareness to Lowe Campbell Ewald's work through tour visits