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Dividends Horizon

Efficient and Proven Design for the Contemporary Workplace

Delivering efficient, go-to workstation solutions and exceptional value for private offices, meeting rooms and team spaces.

Since its introduction, Dividends Horizon® has supported the evolving workplace, pairing proven performance with current planning and technology needs. Dividends Horizon provides spatial impact with a clean aesthetic for both the open plan and enclosed spaces. Easily reconfigurable, workstation elements and freestanding furniture can also be reimagined to address future change.

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Planning A Healthy Workplace with Dividends Horizon

Every workplace is different with respect to privacy and enclosure needs. Dividends Horizon offers a wide range of solutions including panels and gallery panels, stacking add ups, rolling doors and freestanding screens in different heights, sizes and options for enclosure to meet your organization’s evolving requirements.

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Planning with Dividends Horizon

Panels and Gallery Panels

Panels and
Gallery Panels

Dividends Horizon panels, engineered to the industry’s highest standards, delineate space and offer tailored privacy within the open plan, while providing efficient power and data access. A wide range of modular components can also be integrated to achieve varying levels of enclosure and space for freestanding furniture.

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An extensive system of modular components with an enduring aesthetic, Dividends Horizon provides varying levels of enclosure and spaces for freestanding furniture.

Dividends Horizon offers a variety of panel insert options, including: fabric, laminate, steel, slatwall, markerboard and glass. Fabric inserts provide industry leading levels of acoustic performance.

Options & Finishes

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Dividends Horizon Panel Electrical

There are multiple locations for access to power, including the base raceway, beltways, and vertical power options.

Planning with Dividends Horizon

Freestanding Spine


Dividends Horizon panel-based spine with flexible access to power and data is an efficient backdrop for freestanding furniture such as height-adjustable tables and mobile storage, creating simple, cost effective work areas.

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Place freestanding tables and storage anywhere along the spine for flexible access to power. Multiple access points allow users to connect to power and data with ease.

Multiple spines can be connected to span several workstations. Compatible with Dividends Horizon panels, ensuring the long-term consistency and viability of furniture.

Options & Finishes

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Planning with Dividends Horizon



From cafés to touchdown and meeting spaces, Dividends Horizon tables are versatile and well-suited for the way we work today.

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X-Base Tables

With streamlined tapered detailing in a small footprint, X-Base Tables maximize seating when space is at a premium, making them ideal for the open plan, break rooms and cafés while maintaining visual consistency throughout a space.

Sizes & Finishes


Y-Base and Conference Tables

With the consistent scale and visual language of the Dividends Horizon system, Y-Base and Conference Tables support conference, meeting, private office and open plan applications. Style and finish options also make it easy to blend Dividends Horizon tables with other Knoll systems or existing office decor.

Sizes & Finishes


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Planning with Dividends Horizon

Applied Wall and Freestanding Desks

Applied Wall and 
Freestanding Desks

Dividends Horizon Applied Wall and freestanding desks combine to create compelling private offices and group spaces that balance collaboration and privacy. Offered in a broad range of material options, Applied Wall and desk components deliver a consistent aesthetic throughout the office.

Explore Applied Wall and Freestanding Desks Planning Ideas

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Components are scaled and detailed to transition from the private office to open plan workspaces. Freestanding height adjustable tables can be integrated.

Wall-mounted overheads are available with steel, laminate and veneer doors or open shelves. Designed to support KnollExtra Orchestra worktools, wall mounted slatwall tiles provide flexibility and organization.

Options & Finishes

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Dividends Horizon®

Efficient and Proven Design for the Contemporary Workplace