Thriving - Six Core Elements

The Thriving Workplace

The Thriving Workplace is a more humanistic and resilient workplace, one that leverages a multilayered ecosystem of work and the power of design to create opportunities to facilitate conversation, togetherness and a sense of belonging.

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Powers the workplace ecosystem. Linking employees across a multilayered ecosystem of different locations, with experiences that offer belonging, convenience, functionality, flexibility and well-being.

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Delivers a cultural hub. The physical embodiment of the company culture and brand, as well as the place where people come together to connect and collaborate with a sense of purpose, freedom and fulfillment at work.

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Embraces flexibility. The need for inherent flexibility within a space that allows expression and exploration in different directions. Space planning and tools that are agile, resilient, adapt over time and allow employees to shape their own experiences.

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Offers a variety of choice. The use of smaller-scale, humanistic settings, space delineation and moveable elements that can be grouped or stand alone to give employees latitude, with a variety of choices of where, when and how they work.

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Leverages technology. Technologically advanced spaces and solutions that cross the divide between the physical and digital to provide seamless connectivity, convenient power access and simple, reliable ways to share content and gather information.

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Emcompasses holistic wellbeing. Delivering a holistic experience that supports the whole person—the personal, the communal, the mental and the physical—to strengthen employee engagement and satisfaction.