Vitaeris Project Overview

Sector: Pharmaceutical 
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Year Completed: 2018


  • 2,000 sq.ft. / 1 floor
  • 3 private offices / 6 primary workstations
  • 1 cafe
  • 1 conference room


  • Provide a predominantly remote workforce with a highly flexible workspace
  • Establish a corporate identity
  • Foster intra-company collaboration


  • Leverage latest planning paradigm, Immersive Planning, to create an open layout for numerous shared spaces
  • Utilize Rockwell Unscripted to maximize space and minimize congestion
  • Install architectural acoustic solutions for company expression


  • A flexible and versatile workspace that accommodates multiple types of work from team meetings to individual focus work
  • Stronger corporate identity and a clear hub for a predominantly remote workforce
  • An immersive workspace that maximizes efficiency and footprint without compromising performance


  • Interior Designer: Lori Billson, Aliki Gladwin & Associates inc.
  • Knoll Dealer: Blackburn Young Office Solutions

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