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    Rockwell Unscripted® Occasional Tables

    Unscripted Occasional Tables are multi-use lounge and cafe tables for the modern workspace. The lightweight design and integrated handle make these tables easy to move around as needed.


    • color Birch Plywood (9-ply)
    • color Mahogany Plywood (4-ply)
    • color Natural Oak (V2)
    • color Pippy Oak (V3)
    • color Rustic Walnut (V2)
    • color Studio White
    • color White
    • color Medium Grey
    • color Folkstone Grey
    • color Jet Black
    • color Studio White
    • color White
    • color Folkstone Grey
    • color Medium Grey
    • color Carbon
    • color Ultra Black
    • color Chrome, Polished


    Configure Rockwell Unscripted® Occasional Tables

    The configurator below is for reference purposes only. All options, finishes and sizes may not be represented.
    For the complete scope, please refer to the Rockwell Unscripted price list.
    (Coffee Table shown)


    Additional Info

    Construction and Details
    • Birch and Mahogany tops are solid plywood
    • Natural Oak, Rustic Walnut and Pippy Oak tops are veneer applied to a birch plywood top with visible plywood edge
    • Wire base is steel with painted finish
    • Interior Design Magazine HiP Award at NeoCon 2016
    • #Metropolislikes Award at NeoCon 2016
    Sustainable Design and Environmental Certification
    • Rockwell Unscripted Occasional Tables is certified Clean Air GOLD
    • FSC® Certified
    • Visit Ecomedes to learn more about product certifications and sustainable design at Knoll.

    Unscripted is anything but unplanned. It is the culmination of years of research—by Knoll and Rockwell, independently and together—about the way work is truly done today.

    Work increasingly takes places elsewhere. At a coffee shop or lunch counter, walking down the street, sitting on a park bench or perched on a bar stool and, overall, the urge to demarcate or defend individual territory is giving way to a desire for community. Whether alone or with colleagues, planned or the result of happenstance, people are often productive at unexpected moments and in unforeseen settings.

    Blurring the boundary between work and play in the office doesn’t diminish the amount of work being done. Instead, it injects a new vitality, creating holistic, open-to-interpretation workplaces that can enhance ingenuity and productivity.

    Unscripted takes the notion of planning for spontaneity from an inherent contradiction to a tangible reality: with fairly little effort, furniture can be adapted or reconfigured around you at any given moment and it can evolve over time.

    Rockwell Group creates extraordinary experiences and built environments across the globe.

    Founded in 1984 by David Rockwell, FAIA, the firm focuses on architecture and design that emphasizes innovation and thought leadership in environments including restaurants, hotels, cultural institutions, and theater. Inspired by live performance, Rockwell Group creates a unique narrative for each project.

    David Rockwell’s decades of experience in restaurant and hotel design is directly translatable to emerging trends in the workplace. Above all, Rockwell knows how to make the people who inhabit his spaces feel comfortable and in control—the protagonists in dramas of their own making—and it’s this same sense of hospitality and empowerment that office workers, liberated from their desks by wireless technology, are seeking.