Activity Spaces

A variety of spaces for a variety of work

In today's world, work takes place everywhere. Enabled by technology, work is no longer tethered to individual workspaces. Organisations are becoming more open and collaborative to better foster innovation and productivity. And new generations of employees are embracing these changes, creating a more social, diverse workplace of tomorrow.

In the evolving workplace, Activity Spaces are 'go to' spaces accessible to everyone for everything from focused, individual work through large community gatherings.

Activity spaces vary in scale, formality, enclosure and flexibility. Invariably, they require proximity, privacy, and support for collaborative technology. And while they may share components and aesthetics with primary workspaces, they may also offer a deliberate contrast as an alternative.

Knoll offers numerous product solutions that may be combined in infinite ways to furnish Activity Spaces, offering refuge for one or two, enclaves for three or four, and team meeting spaces, assembly, and community spaces for larger numbers – all that encourage collaboration and enhance productivity.

Activity spaces are 'go to' spaces that encourage collaboration and enhance productivity