Chadwick® Chair

Designed by Don Chadwick, 2005

Chadwick is a hybrid class of seating that accommodates the diverse needs of the office, from individual to more collaborative work settings. As a task chair, Chadwick is ready to perform with ergonomic comfort and generous interior dimensions. As a conference or training chair, Chadwick benefits from compact external dimensions and simple adjustment controls.

Chadwick Chair
  • Chadwick Chair



Chadwick: seat and back frame: integrally coloured black glass filled nylon. Seat and back suspension fabric: polyester monofilament warp with multifilament fill fibres. Arms: Urethane arm pad with flexible spring steel insert. Integrally coloured glass filled nylon post.


Chadwick: framework: black. 7 Chadwick mesh colours.


The synchronised tilt movement of the back and seat responds to your body’s movement whilst maintaining continuous lumbar support. The soft aerated suspension fabric conforms to the shape of the user and minimises pressure points. There are two straightforward adjustment controls: seat height and tilt tension, both within easy reach, allowing you to customise your chair perfectly.




Overall dimensions: 95.3-106.7cm high. 67.3cm wide. 64.8cm deep.

Arm height from floor: 58.4-76.2cm.

Seat height: 41-53cm. Seat width: 49.8cm. Seat depth: 42.9-49.3cm.

Base diameter: 69.3cm

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Don Chadwick, who has dedicated his career to understanding the complex relationship between humans and furniture, proves that comfort and simplicity can coexist. Having realised that abundant controls in no way ensure comfort, he designed a smarter chair — one that is adjusted not by the user but instead adjusts to the user. Through innovative design and expert engineering, Chadwick® takes the burden of comfort out of the user’s hand.

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In the last few decades, Don Chadwick has pioneered the use of modern materials, moulding processes and mechanisms leading to cutting-edge products that have raised the standard for their market. A native of Southern California, Don Chadwick received his principal training in design at the University of California, Los Angeles. He then worked for architect Victor Gruen before establishing his own practice in 1964. In 1974, Chadwick designed Chadwick Modular Seating. In collaboration with William Stumpf he designed the Equa 1 flexing-plastic chair (1984). Then in 1994, the landmark Aeron chair catapulted Chadwick to national attention; the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week Magazine awarded Design of the Decade to the Aeron chair in 1999. Chadwick has received numerous awards over the past three and a half decades. Chadwick’s relationship with Knoll marks a milestone in the career of an inventive designer. “I am gratified to be part of the Knoll legacy; I consider Knoll to be at the highest level of contemporary design, and our collaboration is a notable one for me.” With the Chadwick chair, he has proven himself as effective at bringing a product to market as he has been at creating the market itself.