MultiGeneration by Knoll™

Designed by Formway Design, 2010

MultiGeneration by Knoll® encourages collaboration with a responsive, open design that supports multiple postures and a diversity of people in shared, team and large group environments. MultiGeneration encourages natural movement, allowing us to focus, interact and communicate more effectively.




Frame: powder coat over steel.
Shell: integrally coloured, textured glass reinforced nylon.
Arm pads: integrally coloured, textured thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).
Glides: integrally coloured, textured nylon.
Hard castors: integrally coloured textured nylon and steel.
Soft castors: Polyurethane overmould and steel.


Frame: carbon, white, silver
Shell: white, onyx
Seat upholstery: available in a variety of colours.
Glides, castors ando other plastic parts: black.


Open design for 270° sitting.

Full, curved back allows for upper body movement and supports the lower back for upright, interactive postures. Gently contoured seat with rounded corners lets you shift positions easily.
Cantilevered arms feature contoured arm pads to lean against when side sitting.

Passive flex encourages natural movement. Flexing shell promotes comfort and movement. Perforated back provides airflow.

Rolled top edge for ease-of-use. An armrest for side sitting. A handle for easy transport.

Unique hybrid chair design combines comfort and mobility. A buoyant, cantilevered form meets a 4-leg construction with the option of casters. The Dynamic Seat Structure creates an active ride for enhanced performance.

Stacking dolly can stack up to 10 stacking chairs.




Available with stacking and hybrid frame. Stacking frame is available armless and with arms. Hybrid frame is available armless only.

Stacking chair
Overall height: 85.3 cm; overall width: armless 54.9 cm, with arms 65 cm. Overall depth: 54.5 cm.

Hybrid chair
Overall height: 86.1 cm; overall width (armless only) 52.1 cm.

Stacking dolly - for stacking chairs only
overall height: 68.8 cm
Overall width: 50 cm
Overall depth: 111.3 cm


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“We fidget to focus.” This, according to Formway Senior designer, was the central thesis that informed MultiGeneration by Knoll®. Contrary to popular assumption, foot-tapping, pen-twirling and position-shifting actually help people stay engaged. Therefore, MultiGeneration is designed to allow for and encourage movement, while still providing adequate support. The shape and material of the shell give the chair a buoyancy that prevents the user from feeling “locked in” while the arm and leg positions allow for 270 degrees of movement. The optional hybrid base for MultiGeneration is a unique design solution that combines the comfort of a cantilever form with a sturdy four-leg construction, giving the option of mobility from casters and freeing up the front corners for various postures. Cantilevered chairs have dynamic frames that respond to a user’s weight, but typically they cannot accommodate casters, which are desirable in a multipurpose chair, nor do they have front leg structures that can limit the user’s leg movement. Four-leg chairs are sturdy and allow for casters, but they don’t have a dynamic frame. Formway selected the most desirable attributes of the traditional base types to create the MultiGeneration hybrid base, a melding of cantilever and four-leg constructions. MultiGeneration serves the functional purposes of a side chair, with the consideration and ergonomics of a standalone seating solution.

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Founded in 1956, New Zealand-based Formway Design has been designing furniture for more than five decades. In 1979 the company redefined itself, developing a new identity and philosophy that focused on team-based design and extensive research. Formway’s designs are informed by insight gained through observation and consideration of human behavior. Their user-centered approach marries a rigorous design process, aesthetic sensitivity, and a passion for the environment. Knoll and Formway first collaborated on the highly successful Life® Chair, introduced in 2002, which is celebrated for its sophisticated design, intuitive adjustments, responsive ergonomics and sustainable attributes. Building on these features, the two companies came together once again to develop the Generation chair, introduced in 2009. The progressive design features new materials and an elastic design that supports the physical and cognitive activities of the modern office worker. Inspired by Generation, MultiGeneration® and ReGeneration® expand the Generation by Knoll® Family.