Architecture for the Workplace.

Through decades of experience and accumulated knowledge, we understand that one planning model rarely provides a solution for the whole office. AutoStrada synthesizes 40 years of Knoll’s best ideas to deliver a comprehensive, architectural system that accommodates the full spectrum of your company’s workspace needs.


Designed with four planning modes — spine-based, storage-based, wall-based, and table-based — AutoStrada offers an aesthetically consistent design solution for the entire workplace. So whether you require a high-performance open plan system, architectural case goods, progressive private office furniture or a collaborative “big table” concept — or a mix of all four — AutoStrada is the answer.

Key Benefits

ARCHITECTURALLY INSPIRED. AutoStrada is an intelligent, comprehensive system that combines furniture and interior architecture with millwork-quality detail and sophisticated material choices.

MULTIFACETED PLANNING OPTIONS. Four planning models, one aesthetic. AutoStrada is designed to be a singular office solution — working across all planning modes to create an overall sense of continuity and openness.

ARRAY OF MATERIALS. AutoStrada offers a rich material palette, combining premium wood veneers, clear anodized aluminum, classic finishes and tempered glass, all within a unified Knoll aesthetic.


Product Finishes

  • color Bright White - Smooth
  • color Pumice - Smooth
  • color Soft Grey - Smooth
  • color Folkstone Grey - Smooth
  • color Sandstone - Smooth
  • color Medium Grey - Smooth
  • color Dark Grey - Smooth
  • color Brown - Smooth
  • color Jet Black - Smooth
  • color Beige Mist Metallic - Smooth
  • color Silver - Smooth
  • color Medium Metallic Grey - Smooth
  • color Bright White
  • color Micro Sand
  • color Brushed Sand
  • color Micro Grey
  • color Soft Grey
  • color Pumice
  • color Brushed Grey
  • color Fog
  • color Folkstone Grey
  • color Medium Grey
  • color Jet Black
  • color Whitened Ash
  • color Light Ash
  • color Warm Ash
  • color Grey Ash
  • color Natural Maple
  • color Natural Cherry
  • color Medium Cherry
  • color Classic Oak
  • color Walnut
  • color Graphite Pear
  • color Zebra
  • color Maple (V1)
  • color Blond Maple (V1)
  • color Natural (V1)
  • color Light Cherry (V1)
  • color Medium Teak (V1)
  • color Medium Oak (V1)
  • color Cherry (V1)
  • color Dark Mahogany (V1)
  • color Medium Walnut (V1)
  • color Black Oak (V1)
  • color Espresso (V1)
  • color Light Walnut (V1)
  • color Dove Grey (V1)
  • color Pangar Wenge (V1)
  • color Maple (V2)
  • color Natural Hemlock (V2)
  • color Sand Oak (V2)
  • color Natural Oak (V2)
  • color Chalk Oak (V2)
  • color Light Oak (V2)
  • color Straight Anigre (V2)
  • color Bronze Cherry (V2)
  • color Medium Cherry (V2)
  • color Natural Cherry (V2)
  • color Medium Brown Cherry (V2)
  • color Light Fawn Cherry (V2)
  • color Light Walnut (V2)
  • color Old English Walnut (V2)
  • color Peacock Green Walnut (V2)
  • color Ebony (V2)
  • color Grigio (V2)
  • color Figured Sycamore (V3)
  • color Natural Chestnut (V3)
  • color Figured Anigre (V3)
  • color Makore (V3)
  • color Sapele (V3)

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General Info

Sustainable Design

Additional Info

      Environmental Certification
    • BIFMA level™ 3 certified
    • Available with an FSC® certified claim
    • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
    • Can contribute to achieving LEED® certification for Existing Buildings,
      Commercial Interiors and New Construction
    • Best of NeoCon Silver Award, Furniture Systems, 2004
      Sustainable Design
    • 20-24% recycled content steel
    • 15-20% recycled content aluminum
    • 100% recycled content particleboard
    • Available with 100% recycled content fabric
    • Steel and aluminum components recyclable
    • Water-based adhesives, water-based stains and UV-cured polyurethane top coats are virtually VOC-free'



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Featured Projects

In the late 1990s, Knoll identified the role of a new system, a product that would combine the specific strengths of several Knoll systems — the technology management of Currents®, the modular flexibility of Morrison and the elegance of Reff™.

Charles Rozier worked with Robert and Douglas Reuter to engineer the most comprehensive Knoll office system ever offered. Douglas Reuter: “It was really an exercise in perpendiculars — figuring out how to re-envision the panel-based office system so as to maintain the modular logic while increasing flexibility and style.” Flexibility was achieved through the introduction of multiple planning modes and innovative engineering. Knoll design director Carl Magnusson took care of the aesthetic aspect, styling the collection with refined, clean detailing and classic modern materials.

The pragmatic architecture of AutoStrada, combined with the timeless quality of the finishing and details, ensures that it will never go out of style. While the technology management and modular engineering give it the flexibility to continue adapting to the changing workplace. AutoStrada is designed for the way we work today, and ready to support the ways we might work tomorrow.

It was really an exercise in perpendiculars — figuring out how to re-envision the panel-based office system so as to maintain the modular logic while increasing flexibility and style

Planning Ideas