Dining Room Furniture

Elevate your dining experience with Knoll’s collection of mid-century modern dining furniture. Known for its craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal, and innovative use of high-quality materials, mid-century modern design flourishes in dining furniture. Knoll’s selection of dining room furniture includes iconic pieces from renowned designers like Eero Saarinen, Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Warren Platner, each contributing to the rich legacy of modern design.

Types of Dining Room Furniture

To create the perfect dining room, select pieces from the following categories that meet your functional needs.

Dining Tables: The dining table is the quintessential home centerpiece, anchoring your dining set and providing an essential gathering space for meals, games, and conversation. Mid-century modern dining tables are often solid wood but can also employ unconventional material combinations like metal with glass. At Knoll, shop attractive modern dining tables that transcend the basic tabletop-and-legs structure, like Eero Saarinen's Pedestal Tables, known for their smooth, single-leg base and sleek surfaces. Another standout is Warren Platner’s Table, which balances an elegant glass surface atop an anemone-like wire base.

Dining Chairs: No dining set is complete without enough dining chairs for the whole household – and guests. Many of the modern dining chairs in Knoll’s assortment were designed as parts of complete dining sets, but they serve their function and look just as good mixed and matched. Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Chairs, with their iconic pedestal bases and ergonomic design, seamlessly complement his Pedestal Tables for a cohesive, retro-futuristic dining set. Marcel Breuer’s Cesca Chairs, featuring tubular steel frames and caned seats, showcase the innovative use of materials and a design that remains as relevant today as when the chair was first introduced. 

Counter & Barstools: Counter stools and bar stools enhance the functionality of your dining areas by adding seating options by your countertop, bar, or kitchen island. At Knoll, almost every iconic modern dining chair has a bar- or counter-height version, so if you can’t fit your favorites around your dinner table, consider sitting them by the bar. 

Cabinets & Credenzas: Dining room storage, in the form of cabinets and credenzas, can provide necessary storage for additional dinnerware and cutlery or create a new functional area in your dining room, ideal for buffet-style dining or drink making.

Tips for Choosing Dining Room Furniture

1. Select the Right Shape Dining tables with a pedestal base offer lots of leg room and can feel intimate and cozy. Plus, you can tuck in an extra seat or two around the holidays for extra guests. A square table is ideal for four, with each diner equidistant, facilitating conversation. Need more room? Put two square dining tables together to create a rectangular table shape.

2. Pick the Perfect Size Consider the size of the room. You will need at least three feet between the edge of your dining table and other furniture or the wall. For small spaces, use banquette seating around the table to maximize your footprint.

3. Have a Seat Decide how many people you’d like to accommodate at your table. Narrower dining chairs are typically armless and can accommodate more people, whereas armchairs create a cozier look and feel.

4. Find Your Style Consider your aesthetic – contemporary, modern, transitional or traditional – you can also mix styles to create a more eclectic look. Your choice of textile can also help you create your own personal look.

5. Do You Multitask? Today our dining rooms double as a workspace or school room, so consider the comfort and support of your dining chair. Of note, an armchair is a great choice for working from home. Performance textiles are also a good option for multi-use spaces that get a lot of use.