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In the late 1990s, Knoll identified the role of a new system, a product that would combine the specific strengths of several Knoll systems — the technology management of Currents®, the modular flexibility of Morrison and the elegance of Reff™.


Charles Rozier worked with Robert and Douglas Reuter to engineer the most comprehensive Knoll office system ever offered. Douglas Reuter: “It was really an exercise in perpendiculars — figuring out how to re-envision the panel-based office system so as to maintain the modular logic while increasing flexibility and style.” Flexibility was achieved through the introduction of multiple planning modes and innovative engineering. Knoll design director Carl Magnusson took care of the aesthetic aspect, styling the collection with refined, clean detailing and classic modern materials.


The pragmatic architecture of AutoStrada, combined with the timeless quality of the finishing and details, ensures that it will never go out of style. While the technology management and modular engineering give it the flexibility to continue adapting to the changing workplace. AutoStrada is designed for the way we work today, and ready to support the ways we might work tomorrow.

CARL MAGNUSSON (top left) began his long and influential career with Knoll began in 1976, when he joined as the Director of Graphics and Showroom Design. In 1993, Magnusson was named Worldwide Director of Design, collaborating on countless projects to bring other designers’ ideas from the sketch pad to the showroom.

CHARLES ROZIER (top right) came to Knoll in the early 1980s to help direct the development of the groundbreaking Morrison System, one of the most thorough office systems ever introduced. Rozier went on to serve as Vice President of Product Development at Knoll, a position that led him to co-design the Currents and AutoStrada Systems.

ROBERT REUTER (bottom left) also came to Knoll to help Andrew Morrison develop the Morrison office system. Reuter served as Knoll Senior Development Manager until 1987, and has continued to design numerous office products for the company, including the highly innovative Currents system, which he co-designed with Charles Rozier.

JONATHAN CRINON (bottom right) first collaborated with Knoll as a consultant during the development of the Reff System. In 1999 he designed the Crinion Open Table, a concept which revolutionized open plan office design and helped keep Knoll at the leading edge of the industry. The Crinion Open table is now the AS-4 component of the AutoStrada System.