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Islands Collection by Knoll®

In today’s collaborative workplace, tables shape conversations, in person and virtually, like never before. There are few functions to which the table cannot be adapted, with endless possibilities for arrangement in open spaces and private offices.

Imaginative in form, function and materials, Islands, designed by Dan Grabowski, shapes the conversation and supports work in a variety of office spaces. Islands includes a range of table styles for use throughout the workplace, including meeting and conference tables as well as side, coffee, dining and café tables.

Approachable Design

  • Range of inventive top shapes: traditional round and rectangular as well as soft geometric and asymmetric organic convey a sense of lightness
  • Sensitive and subtle aesthetic that showcases the Knoll palette, including expertise in wood
  • Broad range of finishes, including traditional FSC®-certified veneers and laminates, premium exotic veneers and custom wood and solid surfaces
  • Multiple edge profiles from flat to tapered to ergonomic

Total Planning Scope

  • A variety of table styles that can be used throughout the workplace, including meeting tables, conference tables, side and coffee tables, and dining and café tables
  • Traditional and organic shapes in two base styles, six heights, and three edge profiles
  • A complete range of table widths and depths that support groups of any size from small teams to large conferences

Flexible Technology Management

  • Thoughtfully designed, easy-to-specify and adapt power access and technology management
  • Multiple modules with mixed power and data ports, field swappable as needs evolve, available to surface mount or drop into a technology trough
  • Plug-in, daisy chain and hardwire power options
  • Intuitive cable management via under-worksurface leg clips


  • color Maple (V1)
  • color Blond Maple (V1)
  • color Natural (V1)
  • color Light Cherry (V1)
  • color Medium Teak (V1)
  • color Cherry (V1)
  • color Dark Mahogany (V1)
  • color Medium Walnut (V1)
  • color Black Oak (V1)
  • color Espresso (V1)
  • color Light Walnut (V1)
  • color Dove Grey (V1)
  • color White Pine (V2)
  • color Birch with Birch Edge (V2)
  • color Maple (V2)
  • color Natural Oak (V2)
  • color Bronze Cherry (V2)
  • color Light Walnut (V2)
  • color Rustic Walnut (V2)
  • color Old English Walnut (V2)
  • color Peacock Green Walnut (V2)
  • color Ebony (V2)
  • color Grigio (V2)
  • color Figured Sycamore (V3)
  • color Pippy Oak (V3)
  • color Bright White
  • color Micro Sand
  • color Brushed Sand
  • color Micro Grey
  • color Soft Grey
  • color Pumice
  • color Brushed Grey
  • color Fog
  • color Folkstone Grey
  • color Medium Grey
  • color Jet Black
  • color Whitened Ash
  • color Light Ash
  • color Warm Ash
  • color Grey Ash
  • color Natural Maple
  • color Natural Cherry
  • color Medium Cherry
  • color Classic Oak
  • color Walnut
  • color Graphite Pear
  • color Zebra
  • color Silverwood
  • color Smokewood
  • color Barnwood
  • color Bright White - Textured
  • color Soft Grey - Textured
  • color Folkstone Grey - Textured
  • color Sandstone- Textured
  • color Medium Grey - Textured
  • color Dark Grey - Textured
  • color Brown - Textured
  • color Jet Black - Textured
  • color Beige Mist Metallic - Textured
  • color Medium Metallic Grey - Textured

Dan Grabowski hails from Detroit and is a graduate of The College for Creative Studies. His life’s work was inspired early on by his father who is a builder and by a friend’s father who was an automotive designer. He wanted to pursue a career that combined his love of art and working with his hands. He considered being a sculptor, but then he studied the work of Harry Bertoia in college, where he discovered the connection between sculpture and industrial design. That is when Dan knew he wanted to build things that were inherently functional and beautiful.

After graduating from The Center for Creative Studies, Grabowski worked on a range of projects, including power tools for Sears Craftsman and infant care products for Gerber. His primary focus, however, has been furniture design, with a special passion for wood casegoods.