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Sustainable Design

For nearly 40 years, Knoll has strived to design and manufacture products for the workplace and our homes that adhere to the highest sustainability standards. ​Knoll is committed to developing solutions that impact sustainable growth by conserving our natural resources; developing energy efficient processes; and diverting waste generated from operations and products.

KnollStudio Saarinen Tables
Saarinen Tables
Eero Saarinen, 1957 Shop Now
KnollStudio Platner Table
Platner Table
Warren Platner, 1966Shop Now

Designed to last lifetimes.

Our most essential environmentalism is simply anti-obsolescence. Our products are designed to endure, both physically and stylistically. Things that work are things you keep—we want your Knoll furniture to be shared with future generations and be enjoyed for years to come. Not end up in a landfill.​

KnollStudio Womb Chair
Womb Chair
Eero Saarinen, 1948Shop Now
Knoll Sustainable Design Ollo
Ollo Light Task Chair
31–48% recycled materials.Shop Now
Knoll Sustainable Design ReGeneration Chair
ReGeneration by Knoll
49-52% recycled materials. Constructed using minimal materials.Shop Now

We imagine, design and manufacture with the environment in mind.

When engaging with sustainable design, its important we consider each and every material that goes into our products. Our clean manufacturing practices minimize impact by conserving natural resources and reducing waste. We are an industry pioneer in advocating for, and submitting our products to, independent third-party certification, including the Declare labeling program. We believe that respected third parties provide the most impartial and trustworthy foundation for broad compliance.

Knoll Sustainable Design Generation by Knoll Work Chair
Generation by Knoll
38–44% recycled material. 39–54% readily-recyclable parts.Shop Now
Knoll Sustainable Design Annual Report

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Explore our latest Sustainability Report to better understand our approach to environment, social and governance excellence.

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