1717 Innovation Center Overview

Sector: Multiple
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Year Completed: 2018


  • 42,000 sq.ft. / 6 floors
  • 50+ vetted high-growth startups
  • User experience lab
  • Co-working project space for Capital One
  • Maker Space
  • Conference Center


  • Provide a unique space to spur creativity
  • Nurture Startup Companies
  • Create a community innovation hub
  • Support urban revitalization efforts
  • Offer business mentorship


  • A range of focus work ares and lounge areas integrated throughout
  • Hospitality space positioned in the building core
  • A large amphitheater for presentations, group meetings, and guest speakers
  • Lightweight, easily moved furniture that adapts to user's needs
  • Varied horizons for dimensionality and definition
  • Natural finishes, colorful materials, and works by local artists to create visual continuity


  • Exceeding goals of promoting a connection between Capital One and the local startup community
  • Community space for local, outside organizations and events
  • Hub for talent and resources
  • An innovative and adaptable space to foster new ideas


  • A&D Firm: SMBW

Knoll Products