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    Remix® Side

    Tuned to performSM

    The perfect complement to Remix Work and High Back chairs, Remix Side offers responsiveness for various work modes while satisfying a traditional aesthetic. It pairs cushioning for immediate comfort with resilient yet pliable flexors to provide an unexpected amount of back flex.

    Key Features

    • PLUSH CUSHIONING. Provides immediate comfort
    • PLIABLE FLEXORS. Enables back movement
    • FULLY UPHOLSTERED PERIMETER. Offers soft, uninterrupted comfort for movement throughout the day


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    Pricing Information

    Sustainable Design


    Delite is the base grade fabric for Remix.

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    • color Delite - Orange
    • color Delite - Red
    • color Delite - Catalina
    • color Delite - Turquoise
    • color Delite - Parrot
    • color Delite - Green
    • color Delite - Cinder
    • color Delite - Stone
    • color Delite - Gray
    • color Delite - Slate
    • color Delite - Tobacco
    • color Delite - Charcoal
    • color Delite - Onyx
    • color Delite - Purple
    • color Black
    • color Medium Grey


    Configure Remix® Side

    Not all options and finishes are represented below. For the complete scope, please refer to the Office Seating Price List or contact a Knoll dealer.


    Founded in 1956, New Zealand-based Formway Design has been designing furniture for more than five decades. In 1979 the company redefined itself, developing a new identity and philosophy that focused on team-based design and extensive research. Formway’s designs are informed by insight gained through the observation and consideration of human behavior. Their user-centered approach marries a rigorous design process, an aesthetic sensitivity, and a passion for the environment.

    Knoll and Formway first collaborated on the highly successful Life® chair, introduced in 2002, which is celebrated for its sophisticated design, intuitive adjustments, responsive ergonomics, and sustainable attributes. Building on these features, the two companies came together once again to develop the Generation chair, introduced in 2009. The progressive design features new materials and an elastic design that supports the physical and cognitive activities of the modern office worker.

    Formway then developed a family of chairs inspired by Generation. MultiGeneration extends the comfort and freedom of movement to the multipurpose seating category and ReGeneration aims to do "more with less" — pairing down the form of Generation and minimizing materials and components without sacrificing key performance. Knoll and Formway's most recent release, Remix, delivers unexpected performance in a familiar form. It pairs upholstered comfort with an innovative Flex Net Matrix for active, all-day support.