Cushman & Wakefield Overview


Sector: Real Estate
Location: St. Louis, MO
Year Completed: 2017-2019


  • 3 floors
  • Private Offices
  • Workstations
  • Primary Seats
  • Secondary Seats
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Break Rooms
  • Conference Room
  • Lounges
  • 2 Cafeterias


  • Support a flexible and agile work environment
  • Adapt to a workforce that is predominately team based
  • Improve wellbeing across the office
  • Create a space that attracts potential candidates


  • Combined the break room and cafeteria-style space into one open area to accommodate multiple activities
  • Installed highly flexible training tales to easily on-board new talent or meet in large teams
  • Leveraged height-adjustable benching and natural light to provide ergonomic enhancements and minimize the use of artificial lighting


  • An open plan office that facilitates collaboration across the entire space
  • Increased overall wellbeing where employees have the proper tools to comfortably work for extended periods of time
  • A space that can easily accommodate large groups of new hires or host a range of company training events


  • Architecture and Interior Design: Lawrence Group
  • Knoll Dealer: CI Select

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