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    Rockwell Unscripted®

    Hospitality, theater and play at work.

    From Knoll and David Rockwell, renowned for creating places where people want to be, comes an unrivaled work experience designed to let spontaneity unfold and people complete the story. Welcome to Rockwell Unscripted.

    Unscripted elements include over 30 products in six categories:


    With variety in scale, form, textural material and degree of visual and acoustic privacy, Unscripted borders define open-ended spaces, create a sense of discovery and provide a richness of experience in a workplace that can transform in the moment and evolve over time.


    The warm expression of wood and curved touchpoints of Unscripted tables bring hospitality and an approachable air to the workplace. Ranging from long library tables, to sawhorse tables and drink rails, to easy work tables, Unscripted tables bring a convivial spirit to informal, multi-use spaces. They serve as a creative platform, as the invitation to gather round, disband and come back together again, all in the span of a day. Unscripted occasional tables—from coffee to bar-height— lend a relaxed, eclectic aesthetic to the workplace.


    Unscripted uses storage as an activator in the space, putting inspiration within reach by equipping workspaces with easy-access, object-based storage. With a full range of open and enclosed, freestanding and mobile storage elements for both individuals and groups, and an eclectic mix of materials, Unscripted storage serves as a creative toolbox that helps you get to work.


    Unscripted seating takes you from low to high, and from a quick perch to a leisurely stasis so you can find your niche. The variety of elements includes roomy individual and modular upholstered lounge pieces, unexpectedly delightful swivel seats and easy stools you can pick up and move. Each inspires hospitality at every turn.

    Steps & Accessories

    Unscripted steps are building blocks that bring an improvisational, communal experience to spaces where people can be “alone together” or “together together,” and create natural, open transitions from one experience to the next. Rather than a static built-in solution, simple cubic forms plan together in myriad ways, allowing people to define their configuration with a sense of theater and play. Create bleachers, amphitheaters and pocket parks where you can focus, relax or connect. The honest expression of plywood and the durable covered option invite you to climb on the furniture and pick your ideal vantage point.

    Unscripted accessories offer small conveniences and useful tools that lend a personal touch, make you feel cared for, and add to the overall experience.

    Unscripted is anything but unplanned. It is the culmination of years of research—by Knoll and Rockwell, independently and together—about the way work is truly done today.

    Work increasingly takes places elsewhere. At a coffee shop or lunch counter, walking down the street, sitting on a park bench or perched on a bar stool and, overall, the urge to demarcate or defend individual territory is giving way to a desire for community. Whether alone or with colleagues, planned or the result of happenstance, people are often productive at unexpected moments and in unforeseen settings.

    Blurring the boundary between work and play in the office doesn’t diminish the amount of work being done. Instead, it injects a new vitality, creating holistic, open-to-interpretation workplaces that can enhance ingenuity and productivity.

    Unscripted takes the notion of planning for spontaneity from an inherent contradiction to a tangible reality: with fairly little effort, furniture can be adapted or reconfigured around you at any given moment and it can evolve over time.

    Rockwell Group creates extraordinary experiences and built environments across the globe.

    Founded in 1984 by David Rockwell, FAIA, the firm focuses on architecture and design that emphasizes innovation and thought leadership in environments including restaurants, hotels, cultural institutions, and theater. Inspired by live performance, Rockwell Group creates a unique narrative for each project.

    David Rockwell’s decades of experience in restaurant and hotel design is directly translatable to emerging trends in the workplace. Above all, Rockwell knows how to make the people who inhabit his spaces feel comfortable and in control—the protagonists in dramas of their own making—and it’s this same sense of hospitality and empowerment that office workers, liberated from their desks by wireless technology, are seeking.

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      David Rockwell, founder and president of Rockwell Group, gave the keynote at NeoCon 2016 on Tuesday, June 14, and presented Rockwell Unscripted, the firm's new workplace collection for Knoll.

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      News April 24, 2016

      Knoll, Inc., a constellation of design-driven brands and people, will introduce new products by Rockwell Group and Box Clever at NeoCon 2016.

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      The Rockwell Group + Knoll DIFFA dining space featured an interactive design enlivened by the artwork of Jon Burgerman.