Hill College House Overview

Project Overview

Sector: Education
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Year Completed: 2017


  • 195,000 square feet
  • 6 Floors
  • 3 Private Offices
  • 5 sets of workstations
  • 2 conference rooms
  • 5 Conference Rooms
  • 3 Lounge Spaces
  • 1 Cafeteria


  • Strengthen communal living
  • Create comfortable, welcoming and accessible student accommodations
  • Attain LEED certification


  • Increase the number of collaborative areas to promote exchanges
  • Update existing infrastructure with new amenities and a contemporary HVAC systems
  • Leverage the center atrium to flood the space with natural light and create outdoor study areas


  • An attractive dormitory and study spaces for students and residents
  • A successful adaptive reuse that revitalizes Saarinen's original design, further honoring the landmark building


  • Architect: Mills + Schnoering, LLC
  • Interior Designer: Floss Barber, Inc.
  • Knoll Dealer: CFI, Philadelphia, PA

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