Hoover Institute Project Overview

Sector: Education
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Year Completed: 2017


  • 55,000 sq. ft.
  • 34 Private Offices
  • 30 Workstations
  • 64 Task Chairs
  • 1 Break Room
  • 9 Conference Rooms
  • 5 Lounge Spaces
  • 1 Auditorium
  • 1 Multipurpose Room
  • Reception Pavilion


  • Increase overall capacity for growing Hoover Institution and consolidate organization to  one floor
  • Facilitate collaboration across Hoover's departments
  • Create a branded interior that pairs seamlessly with the Traitel Building's architecture 


  • Maximize workspace by using efficient storage solution and increasing individual workstations
  • Pair workstations with breakout tables and storage that can function as an extra seat
  • Work primarily with the expanded capability of Knoll veneer finishes to achieve the right tone and grain to match the building's architecture


  • A balanced mix of private offices and open plan workstations to support different types of work
  • A centralized space for storing archived and current research, in addition to having the entire organization on one floor 
  • An inviting space that enhances well-being and matches the rational and elegant architecture


  • Architect: William Rawn Associates and Cody Anderson Wasney
  • Interior Designer: RMA Studio
  • Knoll Dealer: KBM-Hogue San Francisco
  • Photography: Technical Imagery Studios, Tim Maloney